Pokemon Crystal Shards (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Kike-Scott
Release Year: 2009
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Beta 1

Pokemon Crystal Shards is a Pokemon Hack that is based on Pokemon Emerald ROM. This hack is for those who love Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Version on Game Boy Color. Kike-Scott, the author of this hack also loves those games so he decides to bring the plot of Pokemon Crystal to Nintendo GBA. The regions of Pokemon Crystal Shards are Johto and Kanto.

The main storyline is almost the same as Pokemon Crystal. Three years after Red defeated the dark forces in Kanto, a boy from New Bark Town decides to make his adventure in Johto and Kanto. Finally, he meets and has a battle with Red. Have fun.


New Sprites
New Sounds
Good Designing
Kanto and Johto in GBA
The gameplay of Pokemon Crystal


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