Pokemon Dark Forces: Darkrai Returns (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: NatureKeeper
Release Year: 2009
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Work In Progress

Pokemon Dark Forces: Darkrai Returns is a hack of Pokemon Ruby.
Soshite willing to deceive hands have died in the other world.

Their world is present in peace and harmony, peace and harmony are only perceived as hampered by the emergence of new threats. A few years ago, Darkrai in the most barbaric Pokémon, once kept the light of Cresselia, Amulet is known as a charm, is called “dark dust”, Darkri uses in the world Amulet detained in the dark , To dominate it, and everything to be almost destroyed. His evil greetings, which exist in the dream of Pokemon, leave an endless nightmare, that is to try to change the darkness of the world to avoid the dangerous attack of Darkrai. Kureseria fights alongside Dakurei and his friends. Darkrai is to avoid any movement, is every single attempt to disturb him failed, his bad intent bankrupt. Since Darkrai was fighting with Dialga was dealing with the tower at the time, it caused a time issue, distorting the structure of the universe that made the world of disasters, did not end the bouts. Storms and earthquakes. Pokemon’s plots have been destroyed this way. Darkrai’s adventures and breasts are still guaranteed. When the Darkrei is recorded normally, the Dark Crater has been attacked by its allies and Cresselia, and Darkrai is summoned by a group of Pokémon to defeat them, but without Cresselia discharging Darkrai, which has been defeated. At one point, Darkrai was about to get rid of the directional pits moving to another location, but he did not know where to go, but we believe there could be another position or another position that could fulfill his plan. . Then, Palkia will arrive to stop the Darkrai from being interrupted at the same time. Darkrai is tired to be threatened by the structures of the universe, and Palkia will attack holes in Dimension immediately after entering Darkrai. It starts right back to the piece, if it works at the right time and space, everything will return to its original state. However, I do not know anyone or you where Durley. Until today … Dakure awakened after a deep sleep. Also, try all that has been done before, and avenge Kureseria and Pokemon. Darkri builds an army called “dark forces”, to start looking for time devices, the temp tower once again collapses, causing a distortion in space, searching for “dust dark”. This Cresselia sensor returns to the old members, because you know that Darkrai is stronger than before, starting to recruit his new team, he starts fighting with Darkrai and Dark Force simultaneously. Newcomer Cresselia is “PokePals”. PokePals will lose their lives to protect the world of Pokemon from the dark forces. Currently the team is having himself to Treasure Town, Clesse behind has a hope that maybe the new team is to stop the bad intentions of “dark forces”. The only person who needs to protect the world from the current crisis, Kureseria and his new team, and has been supported by all the people of the soles hands on them. “Pokepals” Roh contains two, a lot of roh twists and turns of capital strength is wo with thrilling name new hand butterfly adventure waiting to rise. Cresselia just started to assemble her new team at her Hideout Guild. What is the first step of “PokePals”?


A new place called Pokemon Realm Region.
No more PokeBall, use Poke Orbs instead.
New moves.


Pokemon Dark Forces: Darkrai Returns Download

Work in progress. Come back later