Pokemon Deneb (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: JP
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Japanese
Version: Beta

Pokemon Deneb: Do you remember Pokemon Vega? Do you remember how difficult it is? Not mentioning about the Japanese language, I am talking about the insane difficulty of this game.

If you are truly a hard-core fan of any Pokemon game and you want to challenge yourself into another higher level than usual, you cannot know nothing about Pokemon Vega. The author of Vega is truly a talented Pokemon hacker and no one knows about his (or her) identity. To continue the tradition of Vega, Pokemon Deneb (and its brother Procyon) was created. It is a direct sequel to Pokemon Vega and also the third games of its author. It has many great soundtracks and an insane difficulty as usual.
In this game, you continue your adventure after the journey in Pokemon Vega. This time, you are setting your foot on a whole new region which do not exist on any map. Everything is so new, everything is so strange and you cannot resist the beauty or the attraction of this place. Of course, with the spirit of a Pokemon trainer… you are ready to wander around again without fearing anything. You will meet many new fakemons (the fake Pokemon which were created by the author or someone else), interact with new people to get their necessary items for your quests, execute your given quests. Well, so many things to do at a new place like this. More importantly, you have to defeat all the gym leaders here. At first, your level will be always underleveled in comparison with Gym Leaders. You have to train more and more so that you can be stronger than them or at least be the same as them.


All the sprites or mappings are customized.
Many new Fakemon.
New regions.
The soundtracks are made by the author.
New moves.
Some new evolution methods for the existing Fakemon.


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