Pokemon Electro Ball (GBA Rom Hack)

Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 1

Pokemon Electro Ball is another Pokemon FireRed hack which will register itself as one of the interesting hacks on PokeCommunity. Why don’t we come and see it for ourselves?

The author of this hack doesn’t want his product to be the same as the others, not about collecting all the badges and winning the Pokemon League… and that’s all for a Pokemon game! This game is also his first Pokemon hack ever.
About the storyline… Well, at first you will always be a young boy or girl (in this game, a 12 years old boy). You are living peacefully with your family in a small town of a region. You always want to go out and enjoy a true Pokemon journey like what you’ve watched and been told. One day, you meet a new Pokemon Professor in your town. He just moved here from Kanto Region. And from the day he appeared for the first time, a Legendary Pokemon which come from Unova Region also appears at the same time with him. Many things keep happening continuosly. And then, one day that Pokemon Professor calls you to his lab and gives a task: get some special information from a friend of him in another town. From this day, you will meet your rivals Gary Oak – Ash Ketchum – some more people to continue your journey.


A whole new region.
Of course the graphics system is new with several improvements.
New tiles.
All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VI.
A new storyline will take a lot of your playing time.
Physical/Special/Status Split.
New moves and new abilities for Pokemon.
The overworlds are new also.
There are four starters for you to select at the beginning.
The Pokemon sprites are updated.
Ash & Brock will travel with you.
The Elite Four is replaced with Pokemon League Tournament.
Many new characters and rivals.



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