Pokemon Ember Orange (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Christos
Release Year: 2006
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Work In Progress

Pokemon Ember Orange is a hack of Pokemon FireRed.
You go to the famous professor’s lab to get the Pokemon. Unusual Pokemon is not left, because it is with the exception of glowing bracelets, professor figures are ready for you.

Then it will go to the next town. There, here, a diagram of the professor is said to be seriously ill. Her illness has been spread to the final lab of the Pokemon. Go to the lab, but to see if everything is OK, the lab was isolated. You are before the professor dies, let’s go to the Orange Islands you are looking for an antivirus program.


All gym leaders and badges are replaced.
5 main characters will always available throughout the game.


Pokemon Ember Orange Download

Work in progress. Come back later.