Pokemon Emerald Advanced (GBA Rom Hack)

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Author: Z-nogyroP
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald


This hack is somewhat similar to FireRed Advanced in that it’s a dex-replacement hack, with a brand new Hoenn Pokédex of 250 Pokémon from generations 1-7. Some favourites from FireRed Advanced make their return, like Fur Coat Furret, Fairy-type Pixilate Delcatty, and Grass/Fire Drought Sunflora, while others are new to the scene, like Strong Jaw Mightyena, Corrosion/Regenerator Garbodor, and Darmanitan with Zen Mode that doesn’t suck.

Of course, there are also plenty of other features. 85 total TMs are available (and they’re of course reusable), and the battle engine has been updated to gen 7 standards, with all that implies. Fairy-types, physical/special split, moves and abilities and items from gens 4-7, all that good stuff.

Features :

New abilities, moves, and other stuff

Gym leader levels

Gym 1- 13-13-14
Gym 2- 18-16-19
Gym 3- 23-23-25-25
Gym 4- 29-30-29-32
Gym 5- 33-32-32-34

General advice

– Every available Pokémon is viable. Yes, including Delcatty. Yes, including Corsola. Yes, including Luvdisc.
– Visit the second level of Pokémon Centres.
– Talk to NPCs as often as possible.
– A few beach routes, like Route 106, have dark sand where you can encounter wild Pokémon if you don’t want to surf or fish.
– The in-game trades are extremely worth it, although only one is available in the current beta.
– The move deleter and move relearner have swapped places, so you can get rid of HMs in Fallarbor.
– Don’t stress over stone evolutions, they continue to learn moves after evolving.
– The “Detailed Dex” document has all the info you need regarding the Pokémon

– Altering Cave opens up after defeating the third gym, and the Desert Underpass opens up after beating the fifth and getting the fossil from Mirage Tower. Both are worth visiting.

To-do list

– Finish the game, obviously
– Fix what bugs I can
– Maybe edit the title screen?
– Postgame?????
– Possibly a challenge mode for people who like to suffer
– That’s basically it

– Misty Terrain doesn’t prevent Yawn
– Lum Berry has a weird activation message for certain statuses
– Pokémon don’t evolve upon level up from capture EXP
– Catching Mimikyu in its Busted form will have it remain busted until it’s entered battle at least once
– The AI doesn’t understand switching
– Burn hasn’t been updated to gen 7 standards (still deals 1/8 HP per turn)
– If you close the game without saving after challenging the Battle Tent, your Pokédex data will be totally cleared; easily avoided by saving immediately after challenging the Battle Tent


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