Pokemon Excelsior (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: RobbieNewton
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Beta 3

Pokemon Excelsior is an adjusted and edited version of Pokemon Emerald. We will enjoy and play a whole different version of Pokemon Emerald.

It’s basically an emerald remodel. This means that there is no new story or new text (unless someone can give you a good link to the tutorial). The trainer’s name is edited, and he mentions the trainer (a Trainer changes Sidney to Sidney and text to Sidney instead of SIDNEY) to reflect this. The goal will be to get all possible Pokémon present in Gen 3. In addition, many of them edit entries and statistics and may not be balanced in general. Many Pokemon edit stats. Since the starters in this game are Numel, Cacnea, and Wailmer, the BST for Camerupt, Cacturne, and Wailord is 540. What I really want to do and what I’m trying to do is create a game from where I’m right. You can use a Pokemon team that you can love and enjoy without compromising. The evolution of trade is taking place – some will be based on the level and others will not do so much. Eevee special evolutionary note. Stone of the Sun = Espeon, Stone of the Moon = Umbreón. Where I am? At this point, Lavaridge Town is running the gym until editing, and most instructors edit it until Mauville is edited. Woi Pokemon is also edited until Mauville believes. A sprite was edited, and it’s Professor Birch. I tried Zetsu from the popular Naruto franchise and it looked the same. How can you help people? Well, it’s largely independent, but what I’m looking for is people who can give me links to script tutorials. So I can get the advanced features of my belt. I am also looking for people to give comments about it, for example, things that are not seated, broken down, etc.


Changed the types of all Pokemon
New plot


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