Pokemon Final Flames Revamped (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: revamped
Release Year: 2010
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Final Flames Revamped is the revamped version of Pokemon Final Flames, a hack of the famous Pokemon Emerald. Since it is the revamped version, many changes have been added. At first, we should see a small part of its storyline.

The Hoenn Region calls for new heroes, new trainers one more time. This time will be your turn. You and your family have just moved to this new region with all of your belonging stuffs. After moving here, you help your family to set up items and accessories. Phew, it is done. And when you are going out for a walk, you help a man who is being attacked by a wild angry Pokemon. Yah, much much later you will know he is a Pokemon Expert named Professor Birch. You get a Pokedex and a Pokemon starter from him. From then on, a whole new adventure is waiting for you. Bring it on!


Every starter has its own held item: a fire stone! You can evolve them any time.
More wild Pokemon in several areas.
The Elite Four has been changed completely. Gym Leaders are also stronger.
The new function Battle Pyramid is a place to battle and get exp.


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