Pokemon Fire Red 721 (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: kristianangel89
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Final

Pokemon Fire Red 721: Have you ever thought that one day, you will have a Pokemon FireRed game which contains all Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII with all of its elements like moves – abilities – items – etc?

Do you think that is impossible to do because of the limit of a Pokemon game? Not at all, you have to think about it again when seeing a hack named Pokemon FireRed 721. Do you realize that the number 721 is the number of all Pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII? If you do so, congratulations for being a true Pokemon lover in this world.
Okay, here is its storyline. You will become the legendary Red like you think as usual. But the truth is his hometown Kanto is not in this world, it is in another world where all Pokemon from seven generations are available: from the normal to the Legendary and super rare Pokemon. Of course Professor Oak feels so exciting about this since the last time he became a Pokemon Trainer. He gives you a quest: to capture all Pokemon again. This time, your adventure is not easy at all since the last four Pokemon generations is more complex than you think. Yeah, this cannot stop you from going out and making the name Red become famous again.


48 forms of Mega Evolution.
After catching a Pokemon, you will get EXP.
The repel system of Pokemon Black/White.
And many things else.


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