Pokemon Fire Red: Backwards Edition (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Slike
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Final

Pokemon Fire Red: Backwards Edition is a hack of Pokemon FireRed.

From the day Pokemon series shown up, we all know how to play these games. Well, usually we play it in orders: from the A point to the B point, have to get this item first to unlock these areas, bla bla bla… Yup, what if we play it in vice versa? You think it is so strange, don’t you? Well, with the Backwards Edition of Pokemon FireRed… we can have that weird gameplay.


At first, the gameplay. Well, exactly the same as Pokemon FireRed but in a vice versa way like this: Cinnabar > Fuchsia > Saffron > Celadon > Vermillion > Cerulean > Pewter > Viridian. See?
Many Pokemon are upgraded with stronger stats.
The moves of some Gym Leaders are changed so that you cannot get the overpower TMs right from the beginning. This is a balanced element.
Not too many typings are changed.
The base power of Surf has been lowered.
On the other hand, the base power of Cut has been increased and made Steel type.
All wild trainers have been changed.
Wild Pokemon are the same as wild trainers. Nearly all Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III are available in this hack with an exception of Legendaries and some more.
The “Teleport” move is not a Psychic type explosion.
Just like Gen V, Pokemon appear in puddles.
After finishing the main game, you will have a postgame. Remember to save in game before playing.


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