Pokemon Flare Red (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Splash
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Demo V2

Pokemon Flare Red is a total rebooted version of FireRed. It seems that many people and Pokemon lovers always think about FireRed – Emerald first when making a hack.

Well, just because these two versions are too popular. Team Splash has the same ideas with the others, so they created this hack.
Flare Red’s main theme starts with a sentence: “Power, Justice or Fame. Which path is worth taking?” In this game, you will take the role of a young trainer who want to become a Pokemon master. Through time, you will grow up and meet new people – some of them will become your rivals or even friends. You will be rolled into the vortex of Power – Justice – Fame when there are some evil organizations fight against eachother. Think you can handle all of them and follow your own ideal world?


The douchebaggery of Green is increased to a higher level. Maybe some of us don’t like Green too much because he is an arrogant person.
The “Moral Compass” function is a new and interesting one in this game. This will affect your gameplay based on your in-game decicions. At the end of the game, your Moral Compass will decide one of the three factions hold influence in Kanto.
Much more rivals for battling and challenging.
Some places in the maps are changed. Better or worse, you decide.
If the happiness between you and your Pokemon is high enough, they will obey you.
Many trainers will now have their own customized Evs – Natures – Ivs.
You cannot use Items in battles anymore. Berries instead.
New Fairy Type.
Physic/Special Split.
When capturing a Pokemon, you will also get EXP.
The Repel System of Pokemon Black/White.
The trainer sprites are customized.
The Pokemon sprites are from DS style.
The IV is now displayed.
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl style fonts.


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