Pokemon Flaze (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: PokemonAce123
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 1.3

Pokemon Flaze is the result of a newbie Pokemon hacker on PokeCommunity. After trying so many times, finally, he can bring his own product to us. Check it out.

From the first appearance, you can see it as a classical Kanto journey like other Pokemon games. There is a twist here. You are a young Pokemon trainer like we usually see. You have a close connection to Professor Oak, your neighbour. He helps you a lot in studying and researching about Pokemon with all of his experience because he went to many different places all over the world since he was young. You see him as your idol, respectively. And he has a lot of enemies, basically the local gang of this region. One day, when you and Professor Oak were going out to find some items… they come and destroyed his lab. You and he had narrowly escaped the death. Your mom took both of you and him back to your house and healed. After recovering, Professor Oak gives you a mission: find out who caused this destruction. He also gives you a Pokedex and some starters. Can you get revenge for your dear friend?


Day/Night System.
You can catch the Pokemon of Johto and Hoenn Region.
The difficulty is increased so that this game won’t be easy like its origin.
There are nine starters for you to select.
There is no specific rival since the difficulty of this game is enough to satisfy you.


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