Pokemon – Gold Sinnoh (GBC Rom HACK) (Completed)

Author: Del
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Gold
Language: English
Version: Completed v2

Pokemon – Gold Sinnoh : Back to the old experiences and memories when playing a Gameboy Color Pokemon game with Pokemon Gold Sinnoh, shall we?

This is a hack of Pokemon Gold.
Beginning with the original adventure of the planet version, we began a new adventure in the Sinnoh area for many years. Many changes have occurred in more than four local sports leaders, elites and new events taking place in this world, and the secrets are a secret while exploring the area, but you can find something new in the team’s rockets to take in account. As usual, eight gyms and leagues, an average trained trainer and wild Pokémon have been edited in each area as usual. The game. You can capture all Pokémon to complete Pokédex within the limits of the game itself. There are many caption legends in the game! This area did not resemble Sinnoh at all, except for the very ambiguous city and layout of the route. It is very vague. Structurally, most cities are similar to Sinnoh, although “Sinnoh has undergone many changes over the years [X] since DPPt!” The layout of the road itself is pretty bad. Few swimming pools are necessary. It is usually pushed to the side of a giant spot, and almost every speaker comes in a straight line. There is literally no single map connection. All transitions from one road to another are made through the gate. Sometimes there is a door in the middle of a short path where the tile has not changed. The town of Eternal has a gate in the center of it, although it is easy to get on the map of a village. In fact, strange and funny urban design did not know how to edit the author’s branch size, and tried the scratch map on the existing map. I do not know how to edit the amount of NPCs or objects on the map. Even if you do not have a reason, you can find a small gate way with 4-5 coaches. All buildings in this city are only contents of the GSC, but in some cases the conversation may change, but even if it refers to the location of the GSC or plot event in the context of this hack, it will remain exactly the same as GSC .


New TM / HM has been added / edited in the game, so you can see in this list.
You will hear many opinions about today’s friendship. Through the audience, you will be able to create your own perspective on them!
Team Rocket has a great presence in Sinnoh and a mysterious leader!
The text dialogue has been edited and improved.
Many instructors have been reviewed to improve the level and equipment.
Bug fixes for some TMs sold on Mart, TM28, TM29 and TM30 in Veilstone City.
A description of the games available in the Downloads section.
Most important stories and roles for gym leaders.
Moved to updated attack sets and 6th generation positive channels.


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