Pokemon Hack (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: AimayBee
Release Year: 2011
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 0.5

Pokemon Hack is just a Pokemon Fire Red Hack but there is no specific name so AimayBee decided to name it simply “Pokemon Hack”. The total looking of this hack is darker than other hacks and makes players feel a little strange.

Maybe this point brings the difference with other Fire Red hacks. In the beginning, you can choose your sex but can not choose your starter. If you choose Boy, you will receive Growlithe; if not, you will have Vulpix.


On the date you were born, a special event happened. The mythological Pokemon around the world woke up and showed themselves. This had never happened before and old people forecasted that terrible things would have happened next. The polices tried to stop Legendary Pokemon. 16 years later, now you are a young Pokemon Trainer. Your world is covered by the dark atmosphere and you want to start an adventure to find out.


Disable Pokemon Starters Choosing
New Region with new Map
New Graphic Style
Great Gameplay


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