Pokemon Hunters of the Ancients (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: SacredMurathJohn
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 0.3

Pokemon Hunters of the Ancients is another FireRed hack which talks about Team Rocket. Yeah, Team Rocket again.

You, a normal trainer who has just come to the world of Pokemon. You just want to use your Pokemon as friends. Well, your life was changed since the day you saw a recruiting announcement of Team Rocket. After thinking so much, you have decided to join this legendary evil team. You also know that there are eight artifacts all around Kanto and when they unite together, there will be an incredible source of energy that makes a legendary Pokemon appear. Well, from now on… your mission is to capture all of these eight artifacts. Don’t think it is an easy mission. You have to face many enemies: from the International Pokemon Agency to Kanto Police, from Team Magma to those ones who are willing to chase you. Think you can revive the fame of Team Rocket? Think you can become a really bad Pokemon trainer with the support of Team Rocket? Well, answer it yourself by playing this game.


The assaults from Team Rocket become more serious now.
Day/Night system.
The Kanto region is re-designed (this time it will take place five years later from Red’s journey).
New areas to explore.
There are no badges. The artefacts instead.
You can have many items by gambling with money.
Trick house in Cerulean Team Rocket Base.



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