Pokemon Imperial Contingency (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: EdensElite
Release Year: 2011
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Work In Progress

Pokemon Imperial Contingency is a hack of Pokemon FireRed.
A young prince starts his training day picking up a Garden of Eden pokemon and then fighting with one of the king’s knights.

After the battle, the Master of Police declared that his training was over and now must go out and begin your journey as a Pokémon Trainer to accumulate experience and wisdom to have a king. worthy. Then a royal messenger came on stage in danger and informed the teaching staff that the king was in trouble. The MG after him when he told her to stay there. They naturally ignore his advice and end up in the room of the throne, just in time to see what appears to be an evil sorcerer proclaimed as the Renegade squad, a major organized crime organization. By a group of discontent, soft bandits and no-minded leaders by an evil magician; Jealous with the power of the king. He seems to be responsible. The MGs have been defeated and are on the ground. With an evil smile, the Magician fled the scene, kidnapping the king! You approach the MG that tells you-you are the only one who can save the king and you must go to save him. A little discouraged, but brave, but you went to save his father. Passing through the city first, rues the ravages. One of the locals said that the Renegade team tear on the way to the castle. Interestingly, the market seems completely unaffected, and a local mention such a strong filter is protected and still can be in the threshold. What you want and you can say right away that it is a tourist from another region. It is presented as Wes. You talk about how you will save the king and decide to test you. After you beat him, he tells an old friend in the neighbouring town and you should talk to him as he knows a lot about the Renegade team. On a final note, he warned that Renegade now occupies most of the Albion. With so many followers, so be careful. You go to the nearest town, to find Wes’s friends. After finding it, he tells her that the magician’s powers are controlled by the Eight Amulets, once destroyed, it will then be defeated, but still powerful. Unfortunately, the insignia is in safe hands and scattered throughout Albion in keeping the Bandido Wizard leaders. To save the king, you must obtain and destroy the amulets. Can you save the world? Want to know more? Why Basic Voldemort Horcruxes? Discover, when you play Imperial backup!


No need to evolve Pokemon by trading.
New bags, trainers, overworld, items, Pokemon, tilesets, trade centre, shops, etc.


Pokemon Imperial Contingency Download

Work in progress. Come back later.