Pokemon Insurgence (Fan Game) (Completed)

Author: p-insurgence
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: PC Launcher
Language: English
Version: Completed 1.2.3

Pokemon Insurgence is a completely fan-made Pokemon game on PC.

There are not many fan-made Pokemon games available on PC, just some of them are famous such as Pokemon Uranium (a 9-years project that has been reclaimed by Nintendo so that the developer team must remove the download links). After Uranium, Insurgence is the next version which brings the Pokemon experience to the PC platform. There are manything that do not available on the Gameboy Advance platform. Check it below for mor information and detail.


A new region called Torren will take a lot of your time to explore and play.
A new way to understand and know more about your Pokemon.
Mega Evolution also gets its appearance.
You can trade and battle online with your friends through the Internet.
You can choose the suitable difficulty to play. There are three difficulties available.
Some challenge modes to test yourself.
You can customize your secret base.




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