Pokemon Johto Histories (GBA Rom hack)

Author: Ozumas
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Work In Progress

Pokemon Johto Histories is a hack of Pokemon Ruby.
When we talk about the history of Pokemon Castle, talk about the basic ROM Pokemon Ruby Hack (USA / accelerator), and introduce us to the world of non-political and political corruption.

History of Pokemon Castle is the subject of history, but players will try to reflect their behavior, it must be specific to one for a while. Had talked about the history of Pokemon Castle, but talked about hacking which has been done for a long time, so often has recovered, it is impossible to remove the demo version or beta version from the yard. Previously, the history of the Pokemon castle made in red Pokemon Fire, Kentahakku, Changhang, I understand where you are salmon. Gradually, hacking evolution, scripts and the like. That is, therefore through hacking is a Ruby that hardly focuses on graphs and history and platform scenarios, this is the final version of hack, graph and history, plot, Etc also developed. Lukas and Dawn are, fled into the lucky area of Johto, who are waiting for a holiday to pass the Galaxy team. Although all is not a joy, they are when you arrive at Johto, all of which are very rare, the somewhat odd leader of the leader of a president of Johto thinks it holiday Kenta and Jim are gone. When they arrive, she is being attacked by a girl attacked by a gray (slightly strange) Gyaradosu. Even when it comes back safely, you faint, you will appear to the mother of the Kenta home. Her mother said that your son was missing. The assistant of Elm Professor, does not show to any strange man, obviously a human, with the edge of the Duclops, but called a Phantom device, they do not look like a real person to it. Let us know with. So prehistoric is the end, not the history of the Pokemon resort. Then you go into the resort, you will discover that it is happening. When a change of discussion occurs, the history will be announced.


The game takes place only in Johto.
Pokemon appears from Diamond/Pearl will be Dark Type.
The difficulty is high.
Many new systems.


Pokemon Johto Histories Download

Work in progress. Come back later.