Pokemon Kanto Roads (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: FSBS
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Demo 0.1

Pokemon Kanto Roads is one of the newest Pokemon FireHack in this year 2016 on PokeCommunity. At first, its author has set his first steps into making a Pokemon hack. Unfortunately, his computer was damaged seriously so that everything must be built again from the beginning.

And here is the information he gives us.
When writing the storyline, the author is focusing on creating the basic and classical experience for players. Summer is here! Yay, this is the time to play and enjoy several activities. When enjoying your own summer holidays, you also heard about the Pokemon League Tournament. Yup, this is a good chance to prove how well you have been trained before. Before you can take part in that tournament, you have to get all the eight badges and become the Pokemon Champion because that tournament is only for the best of bests! Let’s train your Pokemon by meeting and defeating your opponents – using items to levelling them up – interacting with many people to perform their quests – and so on. You will also have to stop the actions of a criminal group called “Team Rocket” again. Well, surely you do not know where this is the old legendary Team Rocket or not, go and find out.


These things will be available in the next release version of this game:

The newest type Fairy.
Physical/Special Split.
Several moves from Gen IV to Gen VII.
The National Dex right at the start of the game.
Move Effects – Base Power – Accuracy of existing moves are all updated. Also with Movesets.
Many new useful Abilities.
Maps are re-designed.
Catch all the 386 Pokemon.
All the dialogues appear in this game will be re-written.
Many Pokemon events are scripted.
The trainer rosters are also redone.
PokeMarts now sell more items.
Only evolution your Pokemon level up or using stone.
No more Sevii Islands.


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