Pokemon Legendary Ashes (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: MKSSB
Release Year: 2010
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English, Spanish
Version: Beta 1

Pokemon Legendary Ashes (or Pokemon Ashes in short) is a Pokemon Ruby hack. At first, it has been developed in Spanish (because the author is a Spanish). Later, English was added as the second language.

Well, developing a game in another language is not an easy problem for many hackers, but it is all right now.
In this game, you will be a young trainer who has just returned to Pallet Town. Because of a message from Professor Oak, you returned in a hurry. Gary was waiting in Pallet Town when you arrived. After battling each other, both of you came to Professor Oak’s lab and you got a new mission: go to the Zotoxu region because your uncle Nacho have been waiting for you there. You got the Zotoxu Ticket for the SS Zotoxu right after that. From this point, your journey has officially begun!


A whole new region called Zotoxu with many things waiting.
A lot of new soundtracks have been added, from many different game series.
There is a mixture of new and old characters. Old – new friends with rivals… you can face them all.
A new graphics and tilesets system.
Day/Night system is available.
For the first time, some Pokemon will have their own anime voices.
Many generations are mixed together in this game.


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