Pokemon Lilac (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: DrFuji
Release Year: 2010
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.1

Pokemon Lilac is a revamp of the first Pokemon Hack project of DrFuji: Pokemon Shimmering Tempest. A lot of new features and fixing bugs are the remarkable points that make this hack be worth to play. In this version Beta 1.1, you can play until you beat Two GYM Leaders and see Team Rocket Event, the game will be stopped. I think the creator’s efforts deserve recognition.

The period of Pokemon Lilac is at the same time as Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal but causes in the brand new region, Lowen. You live in a small town in Lowen. There is news that Professor Oak is going to research Pokemon in Haplon Cave system and you have a chance to meet and convince him to give you are a Pokemon. You prepare a lot for this event. But when you arrive at those caves, an earthquake happens and Pokemon demonstrate. This means that an unexpected thing is coming. Finally, you can meet Professor Oak and tell him what you want. He is happy to give you one Pokemon but he wants you to take care and train it carefully. Also, you see the black guys wearing T-shirts with R logos are around Haplon Cave. Why are they there? To find the answer, you may face many dangers but first, you need strong Pokemon to against everything. Download and start your journey!!!


New Region Lowen
Pokemon from all Generations
So great storyline
New TMs and HMs
New Evolutions Methods
Nice tiles and sprites



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