Pokemon Lost Treasure (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: MaKu
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Spanish
Version: Beta

Pokemon Lost Treasure is a hack of Pokemon Ruby. With a game like Pokemon Ruby, many different hackers can create and realize their own ideas. And by playing Pokemon Lost Treasure, we will now a story about a boy who is on a deserted island.

That boy is noneother than you, our players. You are 14 years old now. You have heard that the Pokemon world is big and you want to feel it, explore it in your very own ways. By using a boat and go to an island where lies a Pokemon Professor, you will get your Pokemon and start that wanted adventure. On the way to that island, the boat is sunk slowly to the ocean… Fortunately, you are alive. You know that you are on an island, but you do not know whether this is the island you want to go or not. There is someone on that island and they tell you that your presence can be their savior. What is happening here?


A new storyline.
Many new enemies to battle.
New friends to make.
A whole new region to explore and search for Pokemon.


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