Pokemon Luria (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Omega Zero
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1

Pokemon Luria is the FireRed hack which marks the third product of Omega Zero in PokeCommunity. This game takes place 10 years after the original events in FireRed.

Time flies by. Manything has been changed so much since that day. Once again, Mew and Mewtwo became the reason of fightings. People keep hunting, searching and finding those two in every corner of the region. At the same time, a new evil organization has been formed. Clearly, their ambition is to rule the world with those two legendaries. Just some people know that Mew only shows itself for those ones whose hearts are pure and Mewto show itself only for those ones whose hearts are dark. This can be an advantage for this evil team.
Meanwhile, Professor Gillian is back from her trip around the world. She gives you and your rival a mission: start your Pokemon journey and stop that evil team before it is too late.


A new region.
New tiles, new and upgraded graphics system.
New soundtracks for listening. Many soundtracks from some Pokemon generations are mixed together.
Some ASM features.
Hidden caves and dungeons are created by the author himself.
Pre-battle mugshots.


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