Pokemon Mega Ruby (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Kazuto Kirigaya
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Mega Ruby: If we have already had a remake version of Pokemon Emerald, why can’t we have a Ruby remake version? Well, there is one here: Pokemon Mega Ruby.

Yup, it is a fan-made hack version which was known as a remake of Pokemon Ruby indeed.


Pokemon Mega Ruby was famous for its highly increased difficulty. Yes, you cannot hope for an easy gameplay like the original Ruby.
You can select your starter from Gen I to Gen VI. They all are available.
The number of Pokemon in this game contains some Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI Pokemon.
Mega Evolution is here with mega stones.
The Elite Four is changed with stronger Pokemon than usual. Think you can beat them all?
All Legendaries from Gen I to Gen III are obtainable with some others from the later generations.
Some icons, movesets are adjusted.


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