Pokemon Mutatipo (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Grillo
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Spanish
Version: Beta 0.3

Pokemon Mutatipo is a hot game for you to play. The summer of 2017 is coming here. Do you want to swim on the sunny and windy beaches? Do you want to explore a big region with mysterious things? And much more things you can do?

It is a hack of Pokemon FireRed in these recent days of 2017.
Pokemon Mutatipo will take you to a far away island of Kanto Region. It is a new place which we haven’t known about it before. Well, the summer has come. After a long year with many different things in life, you are going to enjoy a very own summer of yours. And a Pokemon Professor from a mystery island has called you to his laboratory. Through the video call function, he introduced three different Pokemon. Since you are going to be a true Pokemon trainer, this is very exciting. When finish asking for permissions from your parents and gathering all the necessary items, you truly set out for a new adventure. Ah yeah, when coming to that lab… you are impressed by the modern technological equipments all around. Select the Pokemon carefully since it will be your partner in the whole journey ahead!


New sprites, new maps, new graphics.
Pokemon have been edited with totally new appearances.


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