Pokemon Next Generation (GBA Rom Hack)

Release Year:2009
Original Version:Pokemon Emerald
Version:Work In Progress

Pokemon Next Generation is a hack of Pokemon Emerald.
Many years ago, your father’s lance disappeared fighting with fellow Rebiasu who tried to occupy the world in secret.
People know they are, but because they do not look at what you are doing, nobody really keeps up with them.

Part of the dragon family fled to a secluded island far away from the grip of Levias. Have trained you and your brother for many years, by your uncle, you can withdraw one day to Levias in the end. The match will start the day that your first Pokemon will be. Instead of bringing the Pokémon’s dragon at hand, so I think the uncle that will give you, you will be able to pick from the players of the guilty. There are also Pokemon to your brother, but please do not worry. Then you also anywhere in this place I get on your itinerary. From the moment you reach that goal, your main goal is to find what you can do for the Levias team, it is to finally get rid of them. Fortunately, you are not alone …


Catch 493 Pokemon.
Kanto, Johto and a new region will be available.
Catch a Shadow Pokemon.
16 gyms.
New items with new attacks.
Day/Night System.


Pokemon Next Generation Download

Work in progress. Come back later.