Pokemon Nusantara (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Marsya Modeus Herdamas
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Indonesian
Version: Beta 0.4

Pokemon Nusantara Black Black is a Pokemon FireRed hack which takes the theme of the legendary rainbow bird, Ho-oh.

Surely all of the Pokemon fans like us have known what is Ho-oh. Yeah, it is said that Ho-oh is the guardian of skies and also the opponent of Lugia – the guardian of seas. This bird was known as the incarnation of rainbow. If someone saw it when it is flying, that one will be granted eternal happiness. Ho-oh is the only one that can learn the Sacred Fire move and no one else. And that is not the most special, important skill of this legendary bird. Ho-oh can resurrect the dead with its mythical power. Because of this, an evil team is going to catch it for reviving an ancient monster and force it to obey their ruling ambition. When knowing about this, you – our protagonist – cannot let them do whatever as they please. If you want to spread the happiness around this world, save Ho-oh before everything is too late!


Dive yourself into a new adventure to save the legendary rainbow bird Ho-oh.
New language.


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