Pokemon Oro Sole (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: HackMew
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Italian
Version: Beta

Pokemon Oro Sole is not an English ROM Hack but it is a quality game for you if you know Italian. Hackmew wants to make a remake of Pokemon G/S/C on Pokemon FireRed codebase.

Johto region now is your world with the great graphics than GBC graphics. It takes much time to complete and the game also needs more improvements.


Professor Elm, who is a famous scientist and has a lab to study Pokemon. One day, he receives an Email from Mr.Pokemon: “I made a sensational discovery! You have to see it!”. He is so busy so he needs your help. He wants you to meet Mr.Pokemon and give you a Pokemon. There is a boy outside the Lab that is spying you from the window. So who is he? You can discover it yourself in the near future.


Johto Gameplay
Better graphics and sounds
New events

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