Pokemon Pewter White / Obsidian Black (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Telinc1
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 3

Pokemon Pewter White / Obsidian Black is the first “serious hacks” of a member on PokeCommunity. These two games contain lots of twists and fun, for sure. All right, let’s check their storyline first.

Again, you will become a young Pokemon trainer who just gets himself into his 10th birthday. After learning and training so many times and so hard, you officially get the Pokemon License from the Pokemon Committee of your Bosha Region. From this time, you can set out for a new journey of yours. When preparing enough everything, you say goodbye to your family and promises to be a good trainer, or even further is you can claim the Pokemon Champion title of your region. That is a whole progress and there are still many things to do. On your way, there will be many mysterious people need to be met and an evil called Team Rocket needs to be destroyed again. If you want to get the Pokemon Champion title, get all the 8 Gym Badges and defeat the Bosha League!


All the text are decapitalized.
The difficulty is balanced, not too hard or not too easy and boring.
The new type Fairy is added.
Physical/Special Split.
Some Pokemon from Gen IV and V.
The money you can hold is $999.999.999.
All the characters are more interactive.



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Pokemon Pewter White

Pokemon Obsidian Black