Pokemon Procyon (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: knocf4
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: Japanese
Version: Beta

Pokemon Procyon is the direct sequel and the final version of Pokemon Vega – a very famous hack which was created by a Japanese.

It has been known about the insane difficulty and not suitable for all those ones who just want to have an easy-playing Pokemon game, only for the hardcore fans instead.
In this hack, you will continue your adventure in Pokemon Vega. This time, you set your foot on a whole new region which do not exist on any map. Everything is new, everything is strange. Of course, with the spirit of a Pokemon trainer… nothing can stop you. You will meet many new fakemons, interact with new people to get their necessary items for your quests, execute your given quests. Well, so many things to do at a new place like this. More importantly, you have to defeat all the gym leaders here. At first, your level will be always weaker in comparison with Gym Leaders. You have to train more and more so that you can be stronger or at least be the same as them.


New Fakemon, new music, new graphics.
Finish the Vega Triology.


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