Pokemon Retro Red (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: DrFuji
Release Year: 2010
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon Retro Red: Okay, so what we have been knowing and playing are the modern or the classic Pokemon games in general. Have you ever thought that there would be a combination of the classic graphics of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow and FireRed/LeafGreen?

If you are looking for such a thing like that, then Pokemon Retro Red is waiting for you. It is a Pokemon FireRed hack, but not with the graphics system of the usual FireRed game we see. The author of this hack wants to highlight the modern Red in a nostalgic world of those old Game Boy Color games. Is not it a great and crazy idea for such a Pokemon hack like this?
One more time we will enjoy our favourite adventure with Red, the most favourite Pokemon trainer of all time. Starting from Johto Region, he is going to be the strongest and the most well-known Pokemon Champion all over the world. After meeting and receiving a Pokedex with a Pokemon starter from Professor Oak, Red won the battle between him and Blue – the niece of Professor Oak, his fateful rival and friend. From that moment, those two always compete and help each other in their battles. They have the same dream: become the Pokemon Champion of Johto Region (and they did that much later). At the same time, they have to stop the mad ambitions of Team Rocket – a bad organization which is going to something very very unfamiliar.
Okay, it’s time to dive yourself into a new and strange Pokemon adventure!


A mixture of the modern sprites and old sprites.
New colour scheme.


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