Pokemon Rouge (GBA Rom hack)

Author: Jeux
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: French
Version: Beta

Pokemon Rouge is another French Pokemon hack and here to play. Instead of travelling through a big or small region, as usual, this time you will challenge yourself in just a… cave! Yup, a cave. But it is not the normal one like the others.

Instead, it has 99 different floors and each floor will rise their difficulty from Super Easy to Insanely Hard. At first, you have to select your starter and mainly they will become your most-used partner in the incoming battles. There will be no treatment in these floors like healing the Pokemon in a Pokemon Center. If you are knocked out, this means you have to restart your game at the beginning again. And after a number of floors, you will meet a Gym Leader to get his badge. One thing that is useful to you: your Pokemon can get more EXP and learn an attack faster than usual.


The insane difficulties will satisfy a lot of hardcore Pokemon fans.
New scripts.


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