Pokemon Ruby 2012 (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Shiny Zoroark96
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.0

Pokemon Ruby 2012 is a great Pokemon Ruby hack and also its upgrade at the same time. Well, those talented Pokemon hackers bring to us a familiar Pokemon Ruby in general, but with many advancements compare to its origin. Check it out to see what are they.

Basically, you will enjoy again the legendary adventure in Hoenn Region. After moving to this new region with your family, you are truly ready for a new life. Everything is new. You also help your mother to set up your room, prepare everything necessary for your new home. When all of those things are done, you go out. Suddenly you hear a panic scream, of course, what you should do is go to find the source of that thing. You see a man who is being attacked by a wild Pokemon. He tells you to take a Pokeball inside his bag and help him. You control that Pokemon very well. After taking you back to his laboratory, he introduces that he is Professor Birch of Hoenn Region. You will also meet his daughter here, she will become your rival later on. This laboratory will also be the place for you to choose a suitable Pokemon starter, what you choose will impact your whole adventure. From then on, you officially dive yourself into an unexpected adventure with many surprising things ahead. You will also fight against Team Magma, an evil organization which is trying to summon Groudon – the ancient god of lands. Do not let them do as they please.


New areas are added to explore: Champions Zone – South Zone – South East Zone – etc.
101 Pokemon from Gen IV and Gen V are added.


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