Pokemon Sacred Soul – Grua (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: NeoNeky
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Ruby
Language: Spanish
Version: Beta 0.1

Pokemon Sacred Soul – Grua: Again and again, Pokemon Ruby has been selecting for creating a ROM hack. And Pokemon Sacred Soul – Grua has its original from that famous title.

The idea of this trickery has begun for several reasons. A few months ago, I finished the Drayano Blaze Black 2, which, honestly, is the best Pokemon game I’ve played and want to try another HGSS trick. Thanks to the Meromero textbook to add the types of fairy to the HGSS, I was so inspired and I began to think about the extension of the famous Pokemon Sacred Soul – Grua in which not only would it be a kind of flourish, it will update moves but also present some of my ideas about new attacks, Pokémon changes and a new and more fascinating type of script. Initially I thought I would make a mini hack with fewer changes to enjoy it as soon as possible but as it progressed, new ideas appear to add them to the game. Today, when my hack has completed a significant amount of changes to Pokemon, moves and window types, I share with everyone interested in returning to the nostalgic but new Johto region. Good guys in the mini-based story of living @ReoNeky J15 and the server of the week of games in Madrid where Reo almost chitan cars in Madrid and Triangulo Origin have made many Conas to the question so we decided to immortalize it to the rom and to Reo record that it is serious to swallow the stroller.


They’re not special, they do not have a big tileado or anything else, just a funny anecdote.
Add Crane a very powerful type of pokemon
Renew EMO pokemon type
New moves and abilities, also with items
Maps are adjusted, so they will be bigger than the old times