Pokemon Sky Twilight (Updated)

Author: *Luxio//Hacks*
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 3

The Crocus Region is one of the most popular regions in the Pokemon World with a different variety of Pokemon! There is a Pokemon named Noivern who is one of the most rarest Pokemon in the region which has got kidnapped by some rough, awful, and unacceptable guys are known as Team Voltage. They kidnapped the rarest Pokemon and use them for their own use of criminal stuff. They also want to steal energy so they achieve by forcing a Pokemon to Mega Evolve.

Today, there is a person who’s lives in a local area called Begonia Village. A person who wants to start his/her journey and become the best Pokemon Trainer that they can be. Catching new Pokemon and battling trainers. Also, getting Gym Badges and defeating the Elite Four. The person is you of course. You are the one that are defeating Team Volt and discovery mysteries. Most important is that… You are the hero.


Gen 4-7 Pokemon – Pokemon from each generation.
Gen 4-6 Moves – There, not all appear but there is some great valuable move such as Flame Charge, Dark Pulse, Aqua Tail, Power Whip, and many more.
Gen 4-6 Abilities – There are some unique abilities such as Big Pecks, Super Luck, Hydration, and many more.
Gen 4-7 Items. There are some valuable items such as Dusk Stone.
Decapitalisation – All of the capital text are now decapitalization
Mega Evolution – You are able to Mega Evolve your Pokemon.
Custom Mega Evolution – So your dream mega evolution can come true to this game.
Exp. the system of catching – So you can gain experience after you have captured a Wild Pokemon.
Reusable TM – So you can reuse a TM on a Pokemon as many as time as you want
Gen 4 Poison Survival – So if a poisoned Pokemon is brought down to one HP due to poison damage, it will be cured of poison instead of fainting.
Critical Hit Update – To stay with the today of how critical hit works.
Updated Sprites – For Pokemon at the very least.
Fairy Type – New addition type Fairy Type from Gen 6.
Sound Type – New addition type Sound Type.
New Tiles – To make the graphics good as possible.
Some Tiles from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald – To make the graphics good as possible from those games.




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*Luxio//Hacks* – Creator of this Hack
Chaos Rush – I-V Gen Pokemon Sprites
MrDollSteak – VI Gen Pokemon Sprites/Mega Evolution/Icons/Decap and Attack Resources 1.5a
Versekr Dark – Custom Mega Evolutions
thedarkdargon11 – Gen VII Pokemon Sprites
NinjaFlunkout – Scripts
Wichu – Advanced Series
LU-HO – Advance Map 1.92 and 1.95
HackMew – unLZ-GBA /Overworld Editor – Rebirth Edition/APE
score_under – pksvui
karatekid552 – G3HS
Kurapika – G3T
itari – Misc. Editor
CaptainDumbChester – Dumb Pokemon Editor
ZodiacDaGreat – Trader Advanced tool
kidkatt – Noivern’s Overworld Sprite
locksmitharmy – Intro text Editor/Complete Multi-Choice Box Editor
D-Trogh – NTME 1.1
link12552 – NSE Series
Spherical Ice – Tiles
Fangking Omega – Snow tiles
diegoisawosme – GBA.Intro.Manager-v0.1.2
FBI/Pokemon_XY- Reusable TM
-DaniilS/You Watanabe- Poison Survival
DoesntKnowHowToPlay – EXP Gain Routine port to FR
KDS and Aruaru – Critical Hit Update
Onds-ssj – Searching for bugs, glitches and issues
Rizon – 64×64 Trainer Sprites Resource
YoY-X – HG/SS HP Bars

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