Pokemon StarRed – The darkness returns (GBA rom Hack)

Author: #Vytron
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Demo v1

Pokemon StarRed – The darkness returns: The calling of the stars above the sky… they all are united and fused as Pokemon StarRed – a hack ROM of Pokemon FireRed.

The story is about a teenager named Nate. She lived with her parents. It is important to know that Nate’s father is one of the few scientists who have worked for a new type of energy, “dark light”. This energy was created by Darkrai’s power. One day, Darkrai flew under control, destroyed the entire laboratory and killed scientists … Nate’s father died. Nobody knew what had happened. That’s why Nate was looking for clues in the destroyed laboratory. Darkrai found there. But let’s say Darkrai was a bit violent at that time and attacked Nate. Darkrai knocked Nate, but instead of killing him, the shadow being teleported him to the Sen region. Nate woke up in an unknown area. What you do not find in a regional city map. Anyway, when he awoke, he did not remember anything, so he began to look for a way out of an unknown place. You found the little town … This is where the fun begins.


Music and Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White
Added Fairy Type
Physical/Special Split
New tilesets and pokemon, trainer sprites
Reuse TM anytime you want
No more death from being affected by Poison status
Get more EXP after successfully catching a Pokemon
And much more to explore


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