Pokemon The Strongest Pure White (GBA Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author: Panda Face
Release Year: 2017
Original Version: Pokemon Emerald
Language: Chinese
Version: Completed v5

Pokemon The Strongest Pure White is a Chinese hacked Pokemon game and based on Pokemon Emerald 2011 Chinese Translated Version. The maps of this game are taken from the real city Los Angeles of US.

From the western side, there is ocean – beach – big town; to the middle area forest – grass – short mountain – river; to the eastern side are a big mountain – dead volcano – dessert.
You are invited to an international Pokemon tournament which contains seven different leagues. The reward for the strongest trainer is very big and only one will be the chosen. Well, this is the time for you to prove yourself because you have been training for too long. Do you believe that you will be the strongest? Do you think that you can beat anyone to claim the worthy reward? Yah, let’s go! Do not underestimate your opponents or you will pay your most expensive cost.


DP battle background
DP trainer
Proper physical and special split
Reusable TMs
150 new moves
Added Gen 4-5 abilities and battle items
Pokemon will not lose HP by poison in an overworld
Egg hatch level 1
Continuous repel system
When defeated or caught a Pokemon, the team can grow the EXP too
Fairy type
Running indoors
Deletable HMs
Day and night system
Hail will be formed in the snow weather
Move data concentrate to Gen 7Password:
Glass talking background
Add new evolution stone: Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Shiny Stone and Ice Stone
New map and stories route
Gen 1-7 Grass Fire and Water starter Pokemon
Gen 6 icon
PC boxes background is 1-14
Gen 1-7 title legendaries and included its specific move
Realize Eevee 8 evolution
The expanded max money amount
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s title screen legendary and Ultra Necrozma

Gym and move item get:
Flying — Aerial Ace
Fight — Bulk up
Water — Scald
Electricity — Thunderbolt
Normal — Facade
Rock — Rock Tomb
Psychic — Calm Mind
Poison — Sludge Bomb
Bug — Signal Beam
Fairy — Dazzling Gleam
Ground — Earthquake
Grass — Energy Ball
Dragon — Dragon Claw
Dark — Dark Pulse
Fire — Flamethrower
Ice — Ice Beam
Steel — Iron Tail
Ghost — Shadow Ball

Primary: It is Status League, the team include Paralyze, Poison, Frozen, Burned and Sleep.
Medium: It is Weather League, the team include No Weather, Sandstorm, Sunny, Rainy and Snowy.
Hard: It is Type Mountain, you need to defeat all of 18 different types of a team without PC restore and Extra buying.
Very Strong: It is the same as the last one league, but it is 18 continuous battle, you cannot relax during this 18 battles.
Boss: Go to “Las Vegas” to defeat seven boss Pokemon, all of them are legendaries, it is pretty difficult.


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