Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Joexv
Release Year: 2014
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 2

Pokemon The Wooper Who Saved Christmas: Besides the big Pokemon hacks, there are many mini hacks which are from a contest of a forum like Nuzlocke (a famous Pokemon community for creating many difficult challenges in games).

And the Pokemon The Wooper Who Save Christmas is a mini hack like that. It is a brother of Summer Splash hack. Okay, let’s come to its story.
On a fateful Christmas night, a Wooper was waiting for Mr.Santa Claus’s arrival. After giving him a lovely present, Santa was about to leave. Suddenly, his company Delibrid was kidnapped by a dressed black man. Only you, the legendary Wooper can save him now! Help Mr.Santa to get his company back and continue to travel all over the world on that Christmas night!


This game is a Nuzlocke hack, which means it is very difficult right from the beginning with many different Nuzlocke rules.
Many portable healing stations on the way to be a hero. They can be used only once, so use them wisely.
Very few trainers appear. Your money will be low and there are no annoying battles of the trainers.
The chance of encountering the wild Pokemon is increased.
Each map contains a high-level Pokemon. At the same time, it has a rare weak level Pokemon, too.
A nice system that is based on choices.
There are two different endings now.
After being fainted, your Pokemon will be gone.
You can have many hidden items and money.


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