Pokemon Ultra Violet (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: LocksmithArmy
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Beta 1.22

Pokemon Ultra Violet is a hack of Pokemon FireRed. It is more enjoyable than its predecessor, although it remains the general design and the storyline also. With many new improvements, you can have a good game to play.

An old body with a new soul inside, doesn’t it sound interesting enough?

A new title screen. If you press to start with no name added, you will get the stock name. Your rivals’ name is also have been altered to match a fictitious rival game later.
You can catch many Pokemon that come from both of FireRed and LeafGreen in one area. For example, on Route 24 in FireRed, you can get Oddish and Bellsprout in LeafGreen. In UltraViolet, you can get both of these two. The same thing happens to the fossils in Mt.Moon: get both of the two fossils at the same time.
The Pokemon which are evolved by trading have been modified to evolve in some other ways. No need to trade, just stones or level them up are enough.
All Pokemon and Legendaries from Gen I to Gen III are available.
PokeCenter Nurse’s dialogue has been edited.
Mew is located in a hidden map.
In the room of Giovanni in the Rocket Hideout, you can fill your Coin Case one time.
You can buy Moon Stone and Sun Stone in Celedon Pokemart.
In The Seven Island, you can buy the Mystic Ticket and Aurora Ticket.
The BoatMan doesn’t check for a Nintendo event, the tickets instead.
Mew will obey you.
Bill’s t Transform Machine will work properly now.
When picking up the two fossils in Mt.Moon, two Mystical Dogs will disappear.
When finishing the sidequests of Ruby/Sapphire, you can have the events of the Mystical Dogs Trinity depending on your starter.
You can buy Max Revive and PP Max in Indigo Plateau.
The Karate Masters have new dialogues.
The PokeMart in the Four Island will have exotic Pokeballs once it gets a full line of items with the new text also.
After the One Island quest, Bill will have a new text.
You can get the National Dex right after talking to Professor Oak at the beginning.
At least one Shiny Pokemon in this game.


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