Pokemon Version Eclat Pourpre (GBA Rom Hack) ( Completed)

Author: Mickey
Release Year: 2015
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: French
Version: Completed

Pokemon Version Eclat Pourpre is a French hack of Pokemon FireRed. This time, the French hackers will tell us the story of Team Rocket in their own ways.

On the way to expand their power, Team Rocket are conducting a mass production of Pokemon and creating an unprecedented chaos in this small city. Of course, the police must protect their citizens, but their power is nothing in comparison with Team Rocket. There are also some trainers who want to deal with Team Rocket on their own, but they also failed before the powerful Pokemon of Team Rocket. To stop this madness, a measure has been put in place. The problem is: who can be brave enough to receive this important mission and deal with Team Rocket?


A new storyline with new scenarios, new characters.
Many new maps which are completely re-designed.
After finishing the main adventure, there are many different side-quests for you.
To complete both the main game and side-quests, you have to spend a lot of time.
There are three difficulty levels available.
All 386 Pokemon from the first generations.
You can use the Pokeradar.
You can encounter Shiny Pokemon easier.
Physical/Special Split.
You can buy the outfits for yourself.
The newly built Battle Tower is really a challenging place with 50 trainers at extremely high levels.
A Link Cable for in-game Pokémon evolving exchange.
You can use the Running Shoes to run side buildings.
A new trainer card.
20 new soundtracks.
Some maps extremely lively and varied: many of the tiles are animated and many Pokémon are appearing on the scene.
A graphics menu, fighting, sprites, completely revised.
You can also play the mini-games.
Objects replacing the CS and other functions.



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