Pokemon Versione Reliquia Gotica (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Richard_
Release Year: 2012
Original Version: Pokemon Sapphire
Language: Italian
Version: Beta 3

Pokemon Versione Reliquia Gotica is a Pokemon Sapphire hack which takes the theme of the summoning and creating legendary Pokemon.

The Qwerty Region is a big and peaceful place for Pokemon and humans live together. Everyone has been knowing that for a long time. They respect their Pokemon partners, and in vice versa, the Pokemon obey their commands. Well, life has a lot of unexpected things. One day, they suddenly “welcome” the earthquakes – volcanic eruptions – and even tsunamis and hurricanes… Without the help of their Pokemon, surely all of them will be swept out in no time. At first, they don’t know what are the reasons for these things. Of course, they immediately investigate and after searching for a while… what they found is: Darkrai is using its special powers to cause these troubles! Deeper, a mad scientist in Qwerty Region is trying to collect all the DNA of Legendary Pokemon and create “The Ultimate Pokemon” for himself. Darkrai is just a part of his plans. And the Regi Trinity also be woken up because of those impacts. Well, you are the entrusted Pokemon Trainer who can save Qwerty Region from this destruction.


A secret place has been put into this game: when passing through that cave, you will come to a city which contains all the legendary Pokemon from Gen I to Gen IV.
Some new graphics.


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