Pokemon Yellow Advance (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Linkandzelda
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha 1

Pokemon Yellow Advance: Many players who ever played at least one Pokemon game will agree with me that Pokemon Yellow is one of the best game in the whole Pokemon history.

And with Pokemon Yellow Advance, you will have a chance to enjoy another Yellow version but it is more modern because it is available on the Game Boy Advance system.
Pokemon Yellow is the enhancement of Pokemon Red or Blue, it has every element of those names. You will start playing this game as the legendary trainer Red in his Pallet Town of Kanto Region. Right, everything is so new and fresh because you are grown up enough to go out for a true Pokemon journey. When going out, you also pay a visit to the most talented Pokemon Expert of this region: Professor Oak. He is waiting for you at his Pokemon laboratory. When you get here, you can only select Pikachu as your starter (unlike Red and Blue where you can select one from these three: Bulbasaur – Squirtle – Charmander). From that moment, Pikachu is your partner in your own Pokemon journey. He will help you a lot in every situation and whenever you need him. On your way, besides the wild opponents and people you will meet… Team Rocket is a criminal team which you cannot ignore completely because they are doing several bad things all around Kanto Region. They have some well-known members like Jessie – James – Meowth – Giovanni – and other minions. And they are going to capture the legendary and mythical Mew Two since it was created by human. Whoever seen its power will be exterminated right from that moment, knowing that but Giovanni still want to have it under his command. If Team Rocket owns Mew Two, their power cannot be stopped anymore. You must save Kanto Region before everything is too late again!


No “Follow Me” function like the original Yellow on Game Boy.
The Graphics and Maps are updated.
All soundtracks are remixed.
Many custom Pokemon sprites.
The difficulty is increased.
New movets for opponents and gym leaders.
All 386 Pokemon are catchable.
Some more rivals.


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