Pokemon Z Version (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Rezordaxx
Release Year: 2013
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Work In Progress

Pokemon Z Version is a hack of Pokemon FireRed which takes the theme about Dragon Ball Z.
When the dragonballz started, Goku developed from a Dragonball boy. He is the son, along with Gonotsuma milk.

This is the first set of surprises, Kuririn, flowering, turtles, Goku friends to meet at the Russian masters. Trouble is not long to get started. Goku bad brother Radditsu was, defeated their party, it says it is Goku on planet Vegeta science (alien). An old foe of the gang piccolo, help beat Radditsu with the help of Satoruho forces were hidden enlightened. However, Goku lost a life in this war. Just before Radditsu dies, they are informed that two of the Saiyan aliens are a way to Earth. Piccolo, taking han Satoru to train the emergence of enlightenment, the afternoon side by side practice and Kai Wang Goku is the last teacher. The rest of the Z fighters will practice with Kame in Korrin’s tower. Vegeta prince is a Saiyan fighter two is a Napa is a royal partner (Napa). ZFighters face them, but, Goku has not come yet. The dick, Christo, the Progress will die. When Goku comes to the end, he defeats the easily defeated Nappa, who will face Vegeta in a very close fight, eventually leaving Vegeta Prince. Gang, but want the return of fallen comrades, for the dead piccolo, terrible Dragon Ball has disappeared to use to do this. Therefore, the survivors, because not health is no longer Kuririn and Gongamada, along with Bulma, find out the original Dragon Ball’s original recordset. Upon giving this, our small band, was caught up in the galaxy’s struggles with Dragon Ball. And rebellious Vegeta prince, freezer is both, we hope innocence is the boss of his estimation. When Vegeta is causing too much trouble with him, the freezer sends the power of the j formic group that heals Vegeta and the others. Goku, playing with a formidable wildebeest captain, has the power to substitute the opponent and body. Goku finally defeated him and changed him into a frog. With Vegeta’s help, Goku becomes a sacrifice, they will be brought back to Nemuku hoping. Then, you fight with them all-freezer. When Kuririn was killed in battle, Goku was angry with a loud voice, he found a force for the first time became the legendary Super Saiyan. In his Super Saiyan form, Goku defeats the freezer, before exploding with a force of Freeca, dropping off as soon as possible to Nuku. Immediately the gang admitted that the refrigerator was back in a stronger father, a cold form and cold cyborg. At this time, the emergence of the future of Trunks teenager named, it can easily beat both. Later, he warned of Goku’s disease, giving medicine. He also warned you to put two of those cyborg and that they are the first appearance. In the future, the fighters of the Android is to destroy the world, it will cause devastation everywhere they go. Trunks are not ready for them to come, because it is said that the cyborg does not fit, mother warned, returning promptly to Goku drug so it could be a help to fight. He told the five countries that he was a son of Vegeta and Bulma. And now I remember the threats. Android 17 and 18, and he warned her heart condition, for medicine, you can help them in the future. People will return to them in order to train to Android. When android comes, they will face them. Trunk is back again from the future, to see what is basically unfinished how things work. When he saw the android, he said it was android, they were not what he knew. The fighter jet at 15th place, is Gero TS android creator. Gallo Dr. moved to his lab to activate # 17 and # 18, which is a horrible android trunk to know. When # 17 and # 18 are activated, they will begin a very experimental model # 16. They have demonstrated a week to fight the battles of # 17 and # 18 (# 16 non combat), Cyborg’s sets. The three continue on the way to meet one of those purposes to kill Goku. Goku is at home, relatives have been lying in bed sick of his illness, which warned. Z fighters, they will go to training to be able to face again Android. Suddenly some of the Z fighters, including the trunk, picked up a strange “take care” or effect. This force, piccolo power, Goku force, and the like “strange” care. Trunks come to investigate. Where he felt the force, he found an old machine that was used for commuting for the first time. Someone from the future is after the trunk time. He also found a cracked eggshell. They noticed the evil creatures that hatched early. He calls himself a cell. He, the mobile is a cyborg of the living world, the most powerful warrior in the world, has been described Goku, Piccolo, and created a from a cell as Vegeta. Cells can, too.


Enjoy a Dragon Ball Z game in the style of Pokemon.
New graphics including tiles, sprites.


Pokemon Z Version Download

Work in progress. Come back later.