Pokemon Zephyr (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Twilite Darkrai
Release Year: 2008
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Alpha

Pokemon Zephyr is another Pokemon Hack that is based on Pokemon Fire Red. The first purpose to make this hack of Twilite Darkrai is just for fun but he received lots of cheers from the community. Pokemon Zephyr with its new changes brings out the special feelings for the players. If you want to know this feeling, get it and play.

Your new world in this game is Astro region. Astro is a wonderful land with a lot of sceneries: forests, rivers, deserts, beaches and caves.

In 2010, Pokemon polices discovered a new Evil Team – Dakko Team that is in Hoenn. Dakko Team is identified that they may be more dangerous and rampant than Team Rocket in the past. This team has plans to build other Headquarters in other regions. They also want to build one in Astro and catch the Astro Legendary: Darkrai. If they can do this, the world will be in dangerous, like a disaster. In February 2001, Dakko Team has headquarters in Astro and is going to do their plans. In June 2001, you are from Hoenn and come to Astro. You receive one Pokemon from Professor Ahgoo and your adventure to destroy crimes begins.


New Region
New Tiles and Sprites
New Events
Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl


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