Pokemon Zoisit (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: pokemontutorialTV
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: German
Version: Beta 4.4 Build 5

Pokemon Zoisit is a Pokemon FireRed hack of a German hacker. Our story takes place in the little village Hockheim where Professor Oak is visiting in his business trip from Kanto. He invites you to come to Professor Tann’s lab.

This professor has been missing for two weeks, no one knows what is he doing. You hear Professor Oak talks about his great Pokedex, about how did he create it and how much effort he put into it, etc. Suddenly, you realize that Professor Tann is pursuing Celebi – a Pokemon which can control and travel through Time and Space. As a result, you get the request from Professor Oak to stop Professor Tann’s madness before everything is too late.


New events, new trainers.
You can exchange your Pokeballs with the Ball Exchanger.
Physical/Special Split from Gen IV – V – VI.
The base power, accuracy, etc… come from Gen VI.
New items.
The Berry menu will help you select a suitable berry more easily.
Some events related to eggs.
Some events about the Pokedex.
A new system for PokeMarts will give much more useful items than usual.
6 badges in total. There is a dark gym also.


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