Touhoumon Another World (GBA Rom Hack)

Author: Aichiya Sanae
Release Year: 2011
Original Version: Pokemon Fire Red
Language: English
Version: Final 1.51

Touhoumon Another World is a Pokemon FireRed hack started in 2010 by AichiyaSANAE. All 386 Pokemon in this game are replaced with various Touhou characters of many recent Touhou games.

They are called Boneka, and it means “Doll.” The idea that uses Doll instead of Pokemon is not so bad since there are many fans of Touhou series all over the world. This game is also compatible with another ROM hack of AichiyaSANAE, the Touhoumon World Link.
Check for its information below.


There is no Pokedex in this game. Instead, you will receive the iDollDex. This is the device for displaying the information of every Boneka you catch. There are three different iDollDex: Kanto Dex, Hoenn Dex, World Dex. You start the game with Kanto Dex after that will be the Hoenn Dex and finally – when you defeat the Elite Four, you can get the ultimate World Dex.
All the TM and HM are not changed. They remain the same as usual.
You can also use berries.
Many new moves along the changed moves.


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