Pokemon Alabaster (FAN Game)

Author: Alababal
Release Year: 2016
Made With: RPGXP
Language: English
Version: Demo



The Nyejo region is renown for being home to many of the greatest minds in the world, with countless world-class trainers, scientists, and breeders. Regardless of their prospective careers, however, children growing up in the region are encouraged to go to school in order to learn and understand the relationship between people and pokémon.

Anywho graduate before they turn 18 are allowed to roam the region as a trainer in order to gain an even stronger relationship and understanding with pokémon. Once you turn 18 you generally have three options. The first is finding a job, the second is going into a specialized field of study, and the third is making a living as a trainer. Relatively few are capable of sustaining a career as a trainer, but those who can are generally considered role models for society and as such are what youths aspire to become.

You are the son/daughter of a once world-famous breeder (your mother) and a successful trainer (your father). You are the youngest of three siblings, the other two of which have already left home and graduated to become trainers. You also have a childhood friend named Cirrus who has been by your side as long as you can remember. The story begins on your 10th birthday, where you are allowed to pick one of three unique pokémon from your mom. She also gives Cirrus one. Not long afterwards the two of you head over to Nyejo Academy for an extended stay.

In Pokémon Alabaster Version you will fight for recognition, learn about the world around you, find new rivals and new friends, explore a vast region, traverse harsh terrain, gain the trust of your pokémon, and strive to become the best that there ever was. Unravel the secrets of your past, and uncover the true threat that looms in the Nyejo Region.


All pokémon available by final release
6th gen mechanics
All new storyline varies slightly based on decisions
Level Cap (may or may not be popular, but a feature none the less)
Two strong rivals (story will continue win or lose)
Rewards for filling out pokédex
A very large region with tons to explore
A dynamic modified weather system
23 custom moves
Custom music
Plans for Mega Evolution & HM items


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