Pokemon Ascension (Fan Game)

Author: brenoender
Release Year: 2016
Made With: RPGXP
Language: Spanish
Version: Completed


In your adventures and Stephen Cynthia, the team called Team Omega will attack the city of Rusutado. After this attack, the Omega team also appeared several times while trying to destroy the game in the dark of Pokemon.

Not only the Omega team, also in the team of the alpha team called the opponent is worth the opposite. We are headed for ultimate purity and perfection. The main Omega team, we are having trouble finding a legendary Pokémon called Lugia. Alpha teams aim to find a Pokemon with the ability to change in the nature of life and energy around you. Pure and perfect, to conquer the world as you wish.


– New graphics, sprites, menu, battle screen, battle background, etc.
– New music.


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