Pokemon Crystalline Pearl (NDS Rom Hack) (Completed)

Author : Garnet__
Release Year : 2018
Original Version : Pokemon Pearl
Language : English
Version : Completed


– Trainers have all similar strength, but new pokemon
– Trainers are around 15% harder, level wise (as a scope, Cynthia’s ace is now 75)
– League trainers (Gym Leaders, E4 and Cynthia) all have six pokemon which all hold items, some league battles will be double battles.

– League trainers will have their original types, Cynthia will be your death
– League trainers may also have illegal moves
– League trainers retain their original typings, but gym trainers do not, to make it more interesting
– Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil and Mudkip are the available starter pokemon
– All of the field items in Sinnoh have been shuffled around
– Some NPC trades are different
– Wild pokemon now all hold random items
– Shuffled TM numbers and moves around, some are good, some are rubbish
– The catching tutorial is random now because why not
– Every move now has a different random amount of PP (same applies to trainers as the player)
– A vast assortment of pokemon can be found in the wild now (too many to document)
– A few misc text changes (Changing “shift” to “switch” in battles and “toss” in bag to “yeet”)

It’s a bit like a randomizer, but it makes more sense to the game’s narrative, with important trainers retaining their teams’ types.

The Author Mentioned he would have add screenshots, but that ruins the shock value imo. If you play a nuzlocke of this hack, he want you to C R Y.

EDIT (V1.2):
– Wild encounters work as intended
– PP should be fixed
– Catching tutorial pokemon should not be Bidoof anymore


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