Pokemon DeadRed – Ready for a challenge (GBC Rom Hack)

Author: Voltobal
Release Year: 2016
Original Version: Pokemon Red
Language: English
Version: Beta

Pokemon DeadRed – Ready for a challenge? : Have you fully get prepared for Pokemon Deadred – a hack of Pokemon Red? Well then, we’ll get this one and see its potential.

Frejo Area, 1999. Located on the border of Frejo and Kelgo, the Pokemon League Zone is home to one of the most famous Pokémon League. Pokemon trainer is an important reference for Pokemon trainers. The leaders of these two regions are declaring war on each other for unknown reasons. Finally, they decide who will be the owner of this zone when starting their competitor Pokemon tournament. A competitor can get the eight preseason badges, and anyone who can defeat Elite 4 becomes the owner of the Pokémon. I agree to appoint a new coach as a competitor to create equal competition. Unfortunately, before starting, some bad guys have destroyed the Pokemon database located in the Pokemon League area. Pokédex lost data and parameters. The Pokémon trade collapses with monetary value. Everything is in chaos. To make matters worse, some of the Team Rocket traitors who escaped from the Kanto region last year after Silph’s failure commit to this competition with the help of fans called the “Epsilon Program.” The next day you will be able to control your character, a former baseball player who is Frejo’s contender. Its name is Marquis, but you can specify a nickname however you want. His rival and nemesis is a teenage psychopath, named Paul, who will not hesitate to cheat and dirty tactics because of his personal problems. This Paul can be really the same or different from “Paul” in the series Anime Pokémon. These guys are not normal dumb characters from previous Pokémon games. There is also an unknown Pokemon teacher who competed in the last minute of the Pokémon League. He is Professor of Bek. He is estimated to be Samuel Oak’s cousin. Teachers should provide additional work to participants: Complete Pocket Quest to restore lost data from the Pokemon database. This is an extra task that can be ignored or accomplished. In any case, the termination is determined (Good Ending vs. Bad Ending). Hurry up, the two areas will no longer be here. This should be another Pokemon Network hack with background material like Evil Teams, powerful legends, secrets, unlockables, competitors and fat-loving skill. Why does this still have a Rocket team without Giovanni? And who is “Kifflom” and “Epsilon Program” and what is related to Team Rocket and all this. Do you really have a secret underground passage to the Megan City Museum? Is this hacking ROM so good?

All 151 Pokemon of Gen I
All trainers have been buffered


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